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In Memory

James Michael Luedtke Jr.
Oct. 31, 1991 - July 4, 2013

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Coming Soon!

From the very top of America's Watershed...."The Carlin Water Company".... will provide to the water industry a fresh new source of Natural Mineral Artesian Spring Water. We will be the only bottled water company providing water direct from the "Lake Superior Water Basin". This basin is thought to be the greatest source of fresh water in the world.


We will produce water from the original well at the "Carlin Club Lodge" property located in Presque Isle WI. The water from the "Aquifer" at the "Carlin" has a legendary history of providing water that was first called "Scientifically Helpful" by the Columbus Laboratories in the late 1940's. They assessed that the water did have all the minerals and medications used in treating ulcers directly from the "Aquifer".


The Carlin Water Company Production line will begin bottling in 500ml and 1 litre PET 1 BPA free plastic bottles, we will bottle 1 litre glass bottles as well. Our goal is to have Carlin Water on the market in the fall.



The Perfect Northwoods Getaway

Carlin Lodge Living RoomWelcome to The Carlin Club historical restaurant and lodge located along the tranquil shores of Carlin Lake in Presque Isle, WI. Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation.


The lodge was built in the 1930's as a private club exclusive to a group of lawyers and bankers. It was kept private until purchased in the mid 1970's and it was then that the public first had access to the charm of this rustic lodge.


Surrounded by crystal clear and sand frontage, this fine dining landmark seats 100 + with a cozy lounge area, breathtaking lake views, natural stone walls and fireplaces throughout. On the top floor of the lodge are seven lovely guest rooms (2 with fireplaces) with amazing views.


A beautiful 3 BR, 3 BA log home on site, was also built in the 1930's, with a tunnel to the restaurant and motel. There are unique architecture and interior woodwork features, including an enormous fieldstone fireplace in the main living room. This popular northwoods landmark offers outstanding charm and ambiance.